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New quaddie syndicates

May Quaddie syndicate

With the wet tracks becoming more consistent over the next few months, the upsets become more and more regular. So why not try and take advantage of them, especially when they are in a quaddie leg? That’s what I will be doing in the new Quaddie Syndicate I am going to trial over the next few weeks until May 26th, for Formpro subscribers. The plan will be to bet part of our bank ( 5 to 15%)  on quaddies that I feel have a better than even chance of paying $4,000 or more. Where I think there is a good chance of an upset in an open race, we will take the field or close to it in all of those legs and go narrow in legs where I am confident we can nail the winner. The Saturday Melbourne quaddie regularly gets over $1,000,000 and if you get a couple of double figure winners, it always pays big overs. We will also bet on NZ quaddies where I feel it is worth betting on. If it is successful, we will do another one the following month. The Terminating Pick 6s will be held during July which we will also have a separate syndicate for.

I’ll run the syndicate from this Saturday and will post the bets on a dedicated page to the syndicate.

Details of where to deposit your money into, either a TAB account or Bank account, can be seen here ( closes this Friday midnight )

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