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No selections Sunday but Quaddie syndicate members please read

Good morning,

Update: Sunday 5.10 p.m. If you were in the quaddie syndicate please read this if you want to get paid out.

We were able to get 80% of the Turbo quaddie yesterday for the Quaddie Syndicate for a return of $2954 after anchoring Red Sierra. We may have a go at the $25k Terminating Pick 6 at the Manukau Dogs today with some of it. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be paying out on the Syndicate on Tuesday by 1 p.m. As mentioned in the Heads Up podcast, I’ll be running a Terminating Pick 6 Syndicate this week with the $100k pool on offer. If you would like to have your return transferred to that Pick 6 Syndicate please email me formpro@formpro.co.nz or txt on 027 352 6402 by Monday night otherwise it will be deposited into the TAB account or Bank account you nominated on Tuesday. If you didn’t send me those details when entering the quaddie syndicate, I need to know them, even if I have paid them into your account before. People change their TAB and Bank accounts and I’ve been caught out before depositing into the wrong account.


The Dog Pick 6 bet is in the Quaddie page 


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