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Monday is Free Ratings day

Good morning,

If you have a couple of hours free this afternoon, then you can use the Greyhound ratings for free to help find those winners. The username is Formpro and password speed, plus David will be posting his selections later in the day.

The best way to learn how to use the ratings the best way for you, is to go back over recent meetings, dogs and gallops, and see how you could have found the winners. Rideitlikeyoustole it won race 7 at $29 yesterday at Oamaru and could have been found simply by clicking on the ADJ button in the far right column. That takes into account the last four runs of every horse and adjusts it for the weight it carried, to give an adjusted ratings figure. Plus, it was mapped to get 2nd outer which is where it won from. Lin $7 in the first race, had the best run in the filter. Opihi Jade $12 was also equal top rated after adjustments. At Manukau dogs, It’s Plawsible $8 in race 6 mapped to lead and did.

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