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Sunday specials below


Update: No further bets

For the Pick 6 syndicate I have anchored the bet of the day in the Pick 6 in a 10% bet

The full bet is below: $961 for a 10% bet $192 return which I will attempt to turn into our starting bank through a multi.

Leg 1: 1. Vee Marina
2. Amazing Contact
3. On Da Quest
4. Jetsun Jamie
6. Leroy Spirit
7. Ekali
8. Bruce Banner
Leg 2: 1. Salvarotti
2. Idol Ajay
3. Amy Amy
4. Ramblin’ On
5. Jinja Stinger
6. Talkabout Missy
7. Pretty and Pink
8. Good Job
Leg 3: 1. Zipping Gabby
2. Brotastic
3. Audrette
5. On Fleek
6. Blitz ‘Em Rene
7. Jinja Mongo
8. Waerenga Star
Leg 4: 1. Secret Rory
2. Sue Zooki
3. Cristiane Cyborg
4. Very Choosy
5. El Narco
7. Noah Who
8. Kiwi Gal
Leg 5: 1. Raging Demon
2. Obstinatus
3. Highland Laddie
4. Kiwi Boy
5. Alex Attack
7. Classy Impact
8. Formation
Leg 6: 6. It’s Pawsible

Good morning,

Just the one main bet so far at Manukau dogs. I’ll post an update by noon with any other bets today.

I’ll be spending the Pick 6 funds on the Pick 6 at the dogs today. That will be posted by 3 p


Race 13

Confidence: 4/5

6.Its Pawsible 1st $2.60 and ran top the script. has won her last two races here, the last in the same grade here last week. The opening sectional and race time were close to the better class C4 and 5 races on the same day and she increased her rating 3 lengths from her win two starts back. She is ideally boxed here in box 6 as the 1 dog veers out after jumping and the 5 dog likes to hold its line then veer down, so there is very likely to be trouble into that first bend inside Its Plawsible. She has begun slickly in her last two but where she has won it is staying wider out of trouble then accelerating hard into that first bend and getting a break on them. So with the 7 and 8 dogs being slower away, and trouble likely inside her, she can spear to the lead into that first bend and put them away. RP $1.80, $2.40 FF

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