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Free Dog Ratings Monday

Good morning,

If you have a couple of spare hours today, you can access the Formpro Ratings for the greyhounds at Palmerston North. Plus David will be posting his best bets for the day.

One of the features of the Ratings is the quick access to the replays. You don’t have to keep going back to the  grnz site to find them. One of the best things you can do with the replays is find out which dogs regularly jump left or right at the start. By having a kennel of those dogs, you will then what is likely to happen to other dogs in the run to the first bend. If a favourite has drawn inside a dog that jumps left, you can find value straight away in dogs that are likely to take advantage of a clear run. And vice versa as well. Often, the commentators will know this but not all the time. So if you want to get a definite advantage over other dog punters, and have the patience to wait for the right races where you are confident you can eliminate the favourite, you should do very well.

Good luck,



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