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Sunday specials posted

I’ve gone through the Manukau Dogs fields and found the dogs that map to lead or be second and detail their chances. I’ve also previewed the quaddie at Forbury park.


Bet of the day Race 6 1.Jinja Twist $2.10 Ff

Value bet of the Day Race 10 1.Jack No Lag $4 FF Rated  Price$1.90

Race 1

1.Thrilling Ivy should be able to lead like she  did on debut last Thursday and over the shorter distance, hold on this time. RP $1.60, $1.95

The 6 dog begins well which put the main danger, 5, in trouble early on.

Race 2

2.Jetsun Woody  has the two fastest times over 527m here in the last 90 days. Maps to lead and has beaten the 6 dog over 527m and the 3 dog can be slow away and get in trouble. RP $4.00, $6 and $1.65 FF- good place chance at least 2nd $1.45 

Race 3

2 and 4 map to share the lead into the first bend. But the 3 dog tends to veer out early on leaving the 2.Crackle a clear run into the first bend. Rates second in the predictor so $6.80 and $2.10 FF RP $3.60

Race 4

1.Yooldome 1st $2.20 dropped in class last start and won well. Stays in this class and maps to hold the lead or 2nd early, and should be very hard to beat from there. RP $1.90, $2.30 Ff

Race 5- pass- too tricky

Race 6

1.Jinja Twist 3rd $1.40 after missing the jump maps to lead from the inside and was beaten by a good dog last start. Has the best adjusted time in the last month here. RP $1.70, $2.10 FF

Race 7

Pass Tricky race


Race 8 First leg of the 20k Pick 6 Guaranteed

Suggested Pick 6 for $18 for 10%

Leg 1: 1. Spider Phil
3. Wairoa Bonnie
6. Hows Your Mum
Leg 2: 2. Classy Impact
5. Formation
6. Kiwi Boy
Leg 3: 1. Jack No Lag
Leg 4: 4. Victini
7. Noah Who
Leg 5: 2. Vee Marina
5. Leroy Spirit
7. Jetsun Jamie
8. Bruce Banner
Leg 6: 2. It’s The Lovely
3. Fishing For Lisa
5. Yella Ella
6. All Hail Caesar
7. Alf Tupper

The speed map says 6 should lead 1st $3.90 and win but she just needs a knock from an inside dog and she won’t win. The Predictor says 3-6 and 1 should fight this out.

Race 9  6.Kiwi Boy 1st $2.10 maps to lead and has the fastest adjusted time in this race. If he pings the boxes like he did last week, he should win. If he doesn’t, 2 and 5 can lead and win. RP $2.70, $2.60

Race 10

1.Jack No Lag 1st $4.60 led from the same inside box 16th July and was run down late for second running the fastest adjusted time of any of these in the last 90 days. Should lead or trail Jin Jin and can beat that one home in the run down the final straight. RP $1.90, $4.00 FF


3.Jin Jin maps to lead and has been jumping well from wide draws but getting bumped or losing sight of the lure. From the draw it can lead this time and when it sees the lure, it races much better. But 1 dog has run the two best times.

Race 11

Even race: 2-4-7-6 all map to contest the lead into the first bend and 4 and 7 rate on top in the Predictor

Race 12

Another race that the maps shows it will be a real scramble into the first bend: 2-7-8-5

Race 13

It doesn’t get an easier! 7-2-3-5-6 all map to drive head to head into the first bend and 6 and 5 are on top in the predictor, so maybe those two if you want to go shorter.

Forbury Park

Suggested quaddie for $24 for 10% Missed 

Leg 1: 5. Omar Sharif
6. Mr Midnight
8. Motu Top Mach
Leg 2: 1. Clifton Tactic
3. Be Holme By Three
4. Kamwood Kid
9. Command Lustre
Leg 3: 2. Bono Hest
5. Dusky Eyre
8. Give Me Strength
9. Madison Jane
10. Pyramid Magic
Leg 4: 3. Olde Oak Emma
4. Honey Cullen
9. Alexy
10. Westar Sam


With $20k guaranteed in the Forbury Quaddie, it may be worth a few dollars.

Race 5 leg 1

5.Omar Sharif has come solid in his last three starts. Just needs average luck to be a winner.

8.Motu Top Mach swamped late here last start from a similar run he will get today. Dexter will be keen to make amends.

6.Mr Midnight if he can slide to the lead without doing too much, can do it.

Race 6

3.Be Holme By Three  good win last week and this isn’t a much stronger field. Drawn to lead then trail and be hard to beat again.

4.Kamwood Kid drops in class but can get beaten.

1.Clifton Tactic  should get a good run and get every chance.

9.Command Lustre drawn to get a good trip with Dexter on.

Race 7

An open race.

10.Pyramid Magic is tough and with a good run can win. Beat Dusky by 5L last month.

5.Dusky Eyre needs all favours to win and is unlikely to get that from 15m so is beatable.

2.Bono hest  likely to lead and if left alone could hold on.

8.Give Me Strength hasn’t started for a while but had good form around good horses when he was racing 3 years ago.

9.Madison Jane  game win here three starts back and will find this easier.

Race 8

3.Olde Oak Emma beat Omar Sharif here two back and drawn well.

4.Honey Cullen  run down in a good time last start. If left alone could do it all the way.

9.Alexy drawn to get a cosy trip and if they go hard, can do it.

10.Western Sam was checked out of it last start and can run time.








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