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Saturday selections posted plus Spring preview

Saturday preview here

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I have been able to identify 6 good confidence bets of 3/5 or better at Riccarton, Rosehill and Flemington. And because many subscribers really liked the updates about two minutes before those races last season, with suggested bets, I’m re-introducing that as well.  That’s where I post an update on the selections page taking into account the market moves, track bias/pattern, and how the main selection and chances look in their prelims. I may recommend no bet, or backing the horse confidently or backing it and saving on another. The day will start with 50 units and I can re-invest profits but the maximum I will lose on the day is 50 units. Your unit may be $1 or $10 or what ever you can afford. Or just watch and see how we go out of interest. We will have a roller coaster ride but it really makes me focus on finding the best placed bets at value and with the advantage of knowing those factors later in the day, bet with more or less confidence, or have no bet at all!

I spent about 2 hours going through the Counties form and you can make cases for many but on a heavy track that we don’t know how heavy it is, as the maximum of heavy 11 tells us very little, and it is likely to be holding, plus with the rail out 7m, there could be a severe bias somewhere, probably to the outside late in the day, but with the emphasis being on being able to handle the track, rather than finding the best horse, I just don’t want to entice you into having a bet there. There are much better bets elsewhere.

It is a significant day of racing with the Grand National and then next week we have the much awaited Foxbridge Plate. Also on Monday we have many horses turning up at the Te Teko trials which I’ll be going to. I plan on doing a video review of the horses worth following over the Spring so being able to see them in the flesh is going to be a great. Plus any recommended early bets on the Big 3 at Hastings.

I’ll post an update by 11.30 a.m. with any other bets.

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