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Take your dog punting to the next level

Good morning,

If you have a couple of free hours this afternoon, then using the Ratings to find those elusive winners can be a profitable way of enjoying them. With access to all the time ratings, replays, speedmaps, and the filter, you can get an edge over most punters who have no idea who are the fastest dogs. In fact the filter is one of the best time saving tools to find the proven fastest dogs and they will often be at value prices. If you just like playing the quaddies or trifectas, then the Predictor can be a very useful tool, especially if you can find valid reasons for the favourite to get knocked off. David has a lot of knowledge about the dogs that race here too, so watch out for his previews later this morning.

In the second race at Manukau yesterday, Jetsun Paint and Blur Of Motion were predicted to quinella it and did, paying $116. The $1186 quaddie wasn’t hard to get after that. Yes, it is always easy with the benefit of hindsight, but if you look at why a dog may have won a race using the ratings, you can soon start to get a feel for just how good the Ratings are. Even in the gallops yesterday, the Filter clearly showed Rough Cut was the best performed runner on a better track in race 2. In a field where most had performed on wet tracks and were unknown on better surfaces, the $9 was excellent value. And that’s what the ratings for both codes do, they highlight animals that have performed better than others just using numbers to represent how good their runs were.

If you can become smart at interpreting those numbers to your benefit, which many subscribers have cottoned on to now, then not only will you enjoy it when you find a winner at a good price , but take pride in the fact that you found really good evidence for it to do so. If you have your staking in order, then you can go to the next level after finding how to find a regular flow of winners. If you haven’t, simply look back into your activity report on your betting account and you will soon see where you can improve, and where you have done well.

Enjoy the ride.


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