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Free Ratings Monday and Tweeting can pay!

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You can get access to the Formpro Ratings and selections for the Palmerston North Greyhounds here

It has been a hectic last few weeks of excellent racing. Te Akau Shark looks like he could be anything and when he goes to Australia, we will find out just how good he is. The Quality bets made a nice profit for the week when Isaurian won easily in Sydney after we were able to get on at $4 plus on Friday. The previous week we made a small loss and the first week we more than doubled our money, so I’m happy with the way they are going with 5 winners from 10 races showing a good profit. Remember, the TAB want us to bet on as many races as possible as that is how they make their money. But we have the stronger position of being able to choose which races and horses we bet into. Nearly every punter would like to make a good income from punting and I’d say no one has ever done that betting on every or most races.  I’ve only had ten Quality bets in the last three weeks but the time spent on finding those would be around 90 hours as I would have spent many of those hours analysing a race only to trash it because I felt we couldn’t make money out of it after going through every horse. If you have got time to do that, then you will be fine. If you haven’t then you can get all the benefits of my analysis for just $10 a week and less if you subscribe.

Yesterday I made Portland Jimmie the bet of the day, but if you saw him before the race, he suddenly became the lay of the day with the way he was worked up and looked very fresh. Unless your name begins with W and ends in inx, then 1400m nearly always finds out horses fresh up, especially if they are worked up. So I tweeted out after seeing how fresh he was in the birdcage, and also backed up by Tony lee’s comments, about 2 minutes before his race:

‘Is hotty Portland Jimmy too fresh for 1400m? With a decent tempo likely Rockoneve could swamp them late.’  And Rockoneve did exactly that at $5 with Portland Jimmy out of gas in the 100 metres. It is a good way of alerting subscribers about horses like that so if you aren’t a Tweeter, it is easy to join up and then follow my handle @formpro to get those alerts.

Today, I’ll be finishing off doing the Waverley sectionals ( Update- subscribers can now see last 600m off the front here ) and then spend about 5 hours going through the last 7 days of meetings here and in Australia to find any runners ready to win next up or runners that are likely to go out favourites next up but are beatable. Those can be gems if they are placed in races next up when favoured again, and I can find one or two to get them beaten.

You can login with username Formpro and the password can be heard by calling 0900 36 76 7  ( 0900 FORMPRO )  for a cost of $10 which will last till next Thursday night. Or you can subscribe here with Credit Card or direct banking into ANZ 01-0677-0114026-00

Some users, instead of ringing the 0900 36767 number now like to deposit $10 into my Bank account ANZ 01-0677-0114026-00 and then text me on 027 352 6402 for the the Formpro current and new password which will last till next Thursday night, which can be done easily.

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