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Free ratings Monday plus new feature

Good morning,

Yes, it’s Monday again and this time there is an extra feature you can use which will be announced later in the morning here

The number of subscribers for the ratings site has been growing steadily. Obviously, the punters who like to get more information about certain runners find it a big time saver. What used to take hours to work out, like best adjusted recent times, speed maps, and finding the correct replays etc, can now be done with a click of the mouse.

If you have any constructive feedback, please us know, as users have given us a lot of ideas that we have used in the site.

Good luck ( which always seems to come in handy at the start of dog races anyway!)

Neil and David

About Neil Davis

Neil is New Zealand's leading form analyst with particular expertise in the area of horse racing sectional times. He has had a life time interest in racing. The Formpro website first started back in 2008 - 10 years ago!