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Free Ratings for 27 dog races today and Punters Club

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If you enjoy the dogs then you may as well have free access to the Formpro Ratings for both dog meetings today – Palmerston North and Addington. David will also be posting his main bets and the Rugs Challenge preview as well.

I’ll be back on Wednesday at 8.45 a.m. for Rotorua where it could be a wet track. If you have a login and want to get involved with the Tauranga Punters Club this Friday, click here.  We combine our pool with the on course pool. I do the selecting and betting for it and if we make money, I pay out on a pro-rata basis. The last two Punters Club have paid out $20 and $40 on every $10 invested. Just note, you can no longer deposit into my TAB account as with the new site, you need my pin number. So my bank account details are provided which keeps it easy anyway.

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