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Friday preview posted and quaddies

Good morning,

The preview of Pukekohe is here and will be updated by noon. The early preview of Saturday is here and will be updated by 2 p.m.

When I used to play bookie many haircuts ago, the fields we would make most money on were the big open fields as they have at Pukekohe today. So ever since then, it has become ingrained into me not to punt seriously into those types of fields. There are exceptions of course, when you can get real value and you can confidently predict the run the chosen selection, ( or often two or even three bets in the race) is going to get. I prefer to find fields of ten or less where you can confidently eliminate runners and narrow it down to one or two realistic chances.

But all is not lost in those fields. It usually means the quaddie will pay a big price, so spending most of your time eliminating runners out of those races and trying to narrow down at least one leg, can be a very lucrative approach. I often use the bookies opening odds to eliminate some of the chances. They have a few form analysts who do most of the home work for you, so why not save time and use that expertise? Suddenly, you will get a big jump in the odds after the sixth or seventh favoured runner.  You just need a couple of decent double figure winners to get a very good price. The trick, of course, is to make sure you have them in your combination. If you can strike two or three out of ten of them, and one or maybe two of those pay big, you will clear your losses.

Most punters will give up after a few losses in a row, so that is where having a decent sized bank comes into play. In today’s quaddie, the base quaddie would cost $94.50 for 5% and the recommended quaddie $57.60 for 10%. So if you have a bank of at least ten times $150 to $200, you aren’t going to chuck the towel in when you do lose a few in a row, which you will do. And as sure as night follows day, the very next one you didn’t go for as the funds weren’t there, comes in paying $30,000! If you don’t like doing quaddies because you haven’t got the patience or bank, don’t use this approach. Wait till you have a decent collect and use that as your bank. or start building up a bank, week by week with your weekly betting amount. I still do that. My wife and I have a joint account and I have an automatic weekly amount credited to my personal bank betting account. Every time I have a decent collect, I withdraw most of it into that account, or spend it. It has worked well for years and is good for our relationship.

Punting is a tough game. Stick to what you like doing and get better at it. Or find a like minded mate who is keen to do it with you. That can often help with deciding on which quaddies to concentrate on or eliminate, and which runners you can eliminate.

But above all, enjoy the ride.


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