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Wednesday preview and how to attack the multis

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Nothing that I can select with Good confidence ( 3/5 or better) at Hastings here but there are one or maybe two in Australia which I will post after scratchings come through by noon. The last quaddie seems the best value bet here today.

The first two hurdle races are very open and best watched.

How to Attack the Multis

I think most of us like to take a  multi as they just pay so well even with two or three leg ones coming in. But if only we could strike more of them, we would all be in clover. How often have you had a decent payout riding on that last leg only for it to get held up and flash late for second or lead and get run down by some donkey that hasn’t won in its last twenty starts!  In fact that very thing happened to me recently. I had sorted one horse for subscribers at Ascot Park a couple of Sunday’s ago based on his superior ratings and ideal action for a bog, Bullit. He was at $12 and $4 Final Field    ( FF) so I looked to multi some earlier anchors into him before the his race and some of them came in. One was a for a very large payout if he won and the other for a still a decent return if he placed. With 200 metres to go he looked home but along came Chris Johnson in the better ground out wide on Countess Ruby, who had poorer form on heavy tracks and hadn’t won for twenty one starts and ran him down with the lighter weight! Plus I also had the $1500 treble going as well, so I had to laugh otherwise I would have shed a tear or three. The place multi return helped deaden the pain a little though. And I’m sure the same thing has happened to you as well. So how do we go about trying to get ourselves organised for a better return on these things?

You will have your own way of attacking them which is probably based on previous successes.  That may have been on a 4 leg place multi where you collected around 20 times your original stake, so have stuck with that method ever since. Or you may take your two main bets of the day, or my two. Whatever you do, it can be those losing runs that kill those profits long term. Here are some ideas to play around with that, that you may not have tried yet.

With the ‘Cash Out’ option available on may multis now, it gives you the opportunity to at least get something out of your bet if the last leg misses. Say you took a $10 multi on three legs and the last leg is coming up and you are in for a return of $1,000 if your $2 chance wins. You have been watching the races during the day and seen that horses drawn near the inside just can’t get out wide enough to win and your runner has drawn the same. You can cash out for $400.  The main danger has drawn perfectly out wider to get a run three wide with cover and the money has come for it at around $4. So you could either Cash out for $400, or even back the main danger for $100 and if either wins, you still make a decent profit. But what you could have also done when placing your multi was taken two $5 multis with the same runners, so if you still think the last leg can win but something says it may not, then you could cash out for $200 on one of them and let the other one ride for around a $500 return and a $700 total payout. You could still back your main danger if you think it is the only chance of beating your main hope. So consider splitting your original stake when taking your multis so it gives you more choices going into the last leg.

You may just like taking two or three legs in a racing multi and throw in a sports selection on a team that you follow and that’s it for the week. It may cost you $50 and if you strike one that returns you say $2,000, you have paid for the next nineteen weeks of multis. Or you can just buy you or someone else something out of the return as that $50 is your betting budget for the week and you aren’t concerned if you lose it or not.

You may decide to have three or four multi plans going on at once. One could be on a ten leg multi on what you assess as good things at $1.50 or less. That can add up to a decent return. A ten leg multi on legs averaging $1.30 can return you over ten times your original bet, so if you like to watch selections go round or play that are odds-on to win over the week, then that could be one plan. You could also have a method of attack where you sort out two good horses that are paying double figures for a win and take them in a 1 unit win multi and a five unit place multi. If they both place at around $4 that’s 80 units you get back from your 6 units and if they both win, you get back over 200 units from both multis. Don’t forget to split the original bet though to give you those options.

Instead of taking multis, you can back your first leg with your original stake, then reinvest the winnings, or part of it on the next one and so on. That way you are in control of how much you are up for or can lose. But you have to have the nerve to put a large amount on a selection if you take that path and most punters will chicken out, that’s why we take the multi in the first place, even with the Cash Out Option now available.

I haven’t touched on percentage multi betting where you can couple up say 5 legs so if any two or three or four etc win, you collect but with smaller amounts of your original total stake. But if you don’t like taking multis because of the losing runs in between, it can be a good way of getting something back if some of them miss. The TAB have outlined all the different options for Multi betting here, but personally,  I like to keep it simple with mainly two leg multis and the occasional three leg multi splitting the original stake into two bets on the same multi, so I can at least cash out on one of them, back the main danger or dangers or just let them both ride.

For Saturday’s racing, I like to find one, two or three ‘Multi Makers’ that I can put in  a multi with the main bets for the Saturday. Even a couple $1.50 chances that just need to get the runs they are predicted to get, can turn a $3 dividend into $6.50  plus dividend. So watch out for those in the Friday updates.

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