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Thursday preview and get that bank set up

Good morning,

Firstly, today’s preview is here with two quality bets.

It was a good day yesterday with an amazing run from Sonaree at Canterbury Park winning after being posted 3 wide in the open. The quaddie was ok but Aero De Paris would have been a very nice result for some. He’s ready to win now. Plus the recommended multi with the Head to head with Wicklow into Sonaree was a bonus. The last few Good Confidence bets have all just got up which is good, but as we all know in racing, they could just have easily got beaten. So make sure you get your betting right so when we all hit that losing run, we aren’t going to blow the bank. And having a bank is so important. If you haven’t got one, and you want to last in this tough game of punting, then you have to get one. Put aside an amount each week into a separate savings account and every time you have a win, add to it. Before you know it, you will have a decent sized amount and can bet a small percentage of that on each bet, so when that losing streak hits, you won’t stress as much about it.

I’ve been through the Pukekohe fields and apart from one race, just have no confidence in any of the races. They are big fields on a slow track with very few having strong lead in form. There are much better fields on Saturday to do the form on so I suggest waiting for them rather than frittering your hard earned away on wishful thinking bets. There are two runners detailed below that are very fit and well placed to win. Both map to get winning runs, and they are both Quality bets.

I’ll post an update by 11.30 with any Head to head or other bets.

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Good luck,


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