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Free Ratings and Pick 6 syndicate

Good morning,

Firstly, you can get free access to the Formpro Ratings site for all of the ratings, replays, best times etc here. And with the $20k terminating Pick 6s on offer, the information could just find you that one dog that allows you strike the lot.

Secondly, the Terminating Pick 6s are back! Which means it is syndicate time. This is where subscribers can deposit a minimum of $10 and I pool all the money, and find the Pick 6s where we have a good chance of striking the lot, then payout on a pro-rata basis. Our best payout was $250,000 for the $4,000 syndicate at Te Rapa a few years ago when we had six runners going in the last leg and one of them got up in the last 50 metres with Sam Spratt up.

You can enter here

Enjoy the ride.




About Neil Davis

Neil is New Zealand's leading form analyst with particular expertise in the area of horse racing sectional times. He has had a life time interest in racing. The Formpro website first started back in 2008 - 10 years ago!