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Early Saturday preview posted

Good morning,

I’ve had a good look through the fields for both dog meetings, the Gore gallops on a bog, and both harness meetings tonight and there is nothing that grabs me at any sign of value. It really is a advantage bookies today, especially when you can run 130% markets. I will be spending some time on The Valley for tonight and more time on the Australian form where we are going to have decent surfaces to race on with some outstanding information to work with. Plus we aren’t going to see riding tactics in Group races that we saw at Hastings last Saturday.  We have heavy tracks to deal with at Ellerslie and New Plymouth. I’ll preview those meetings as well but unlikely to have a bet there. The early preview of Saturday is here and will be updated by 3 p.m.

It is good to see many subscribers are learning to be more selective when betting. You have about as much chance as the Japanese of winning the World Cup by 30 points than you do of making money betting on most races. Yes, you may have a good week one week, but follow the usual pattern of losing it in the following weeks. Have two accounts. One for your serious bets, and a much smaller account for action bets.

You can login with username Formpro and the password can be heard by calling 0900 36 76 7  ( 0900 FORMPRO )  for a cost of $10 which will last till next Thursday night. Or you can subscribe here with Credit Card or direct banking into ANZ 01-0677-0114026-00

Some users, instead of ringing the 0900 36767 number now like to deposit $10 into my Bank account ANZ 01-0677-0114026-00 and then text me on 027 352 6402 for the the Formpro current and new password which will last till next Thursday night, which can be done easily. ( Or $5 for  Day pass)

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