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So what’s the plan?

Gee, isn’t it amazing how quickly life can change. The odds on us all having to stay in our homes for four weeks one  year ago would have been astronomical! But it is the only choice we have to stamp this thing out, so if we all do our bit for each other, this has to work. Of course, if you love your racing and sport, as most of us do, we haven’t got a heck of a lot to choose from have we! Our racing may resume late April but who knows? We do have racing in Australia today but that may all change at short notice too.

So the plan is to preview Australian races and if they stop, I’ll extend your subscription for the length of time there are no races to preview. I”ll post a preview of some Australian races by noon Wednesday as scratchings don’t come through until 11 a.m. our time. I’ve paid out everyone who was in the Pick 6 syndicate. We had most of the field going in the last leg and the favourite won, which was not ideal.

The down time will give me a chance to post a few articles about punting etc and trying to find winners- there’s only so much Netflix you can watch. I did enjoy the ZZ Top documentary though. And the Formula 1 Series are worth a watch too. If you have any ideas for articles, let me know.

Keep safe and healthy.


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