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Information for punters will be vital to our recovery

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Firstly, no selections for today. I will post an early preview for Saturday by 2 p.m. Friday. There are a lot of races to get through!

Not a great day of punting yesterday. A couple of seconds were no help. It was up to Bold And Wild to get us out in the last after looking ready to win at the trials. It was a good example of using a horse that had come out his trial to give us a gauge on how he was going. This was his preview:

Race 7 Warwick Farm

8.Bold And Wild 1st $4.20  last campaign got into my Black Booked runners because of the tremendous acceleration he showed in his two wins, especially in his last win at Hawkesbury where he was held up till about 200m out, angled to the outside and did only what good horses can do and charged by them. After a spell he resumed with an impressive trial win and in his last one he jumped first, led, eased 4th inner, and once out and balanced strode home better than the third horse Archemedus, who was heavily backed to win next up last Saturday behind Amangiri and ran a game 4th after leading. He looks good and he is ready and to fire fresh up from a good draw, where he maps to get a good run about 5th or 6th behind an even pace. and pounce on these in the last 100 metres. RP $3.50, $4 FF

He landed where the map predicted he would and once he got out, showed that acceleration to lead with about 100m to go, then he flattened out and was just too powerful. The other pointer was that race rider, Nash Rawiller, also rode him in that recent trial and stuck with him. I’ll be doing an article with examples of what to watch out for in trials  when they start up again.

With New Zealand racing about to start ramping up again, trial form is going to be our best guide to how ready a horse is. No doubt owners will want to set their horses up for a decent punt with stake money being down. Therefore jumpout form is also going to be vital to assess the form. The only problem is we can’t see most of them! And if we can’t assess the form with confidence then we will just have to stick with the Ozzie racing to punt on. Solution- clubs can only run jumpouts if they film them and publish them, even on an iphone it can be done well enough for punters to assess the form. Information for punters is going to be the number one reason turnover will increase on New Zealand racing and be vital to our recovery.

I’ll be ringing around many trainers in the first few weeks of racing to ask for their assessments. And it is going to be vital to the recovery of New Zealand racing that trainers and riders are willing to give out as much as information as possible, because without money going through the NZ TAB, their commission on stake money will only go one way, south.

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