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The TAB needs our help

Without a single doubt, the only way forward for NZ racing is to have the New Zealand TAB flourish.  Racing in New Zealand is almost totally reliant on the take-out from every dollar spent through the TAB. So how do we do that?  How about a self funded on-line punters challenge similar to the ones that used to be run on course before Covid 19 came to our shores?  A set amount of say $200 to be bet on your tab account on a designated meeting or meetings along with a prepaid entry of $20 ( maybe repaid in part or in full with Bonus bets)  to fund the prize pool along with some sponsors products. I’m sure you would get at least 1000 punters from around New Zealand keen to share a $20,000 or more prize pool and the title of NZ Punter of the Week/Month? Then have a Punt -off with those winners later on for a grand prize pool of $50,000 funded by part of those entry fees.

Lotto has the appeal of one single factor – over $1 million can be won to fulfill dreams. Can the New Zealand TAB have a bet type that will guarantee a $1 million or bigger prize pool. Currently we have Terminating Pick 6s which are only reaching around $20,ooo on a Saturday with no guaranteed pool. When they reached $500,000 or more it got punters and non-punters excited to have a go. What if we had a Pick 8 over the last four races of the two Saturday meetings. It could easily jackpot to over a million dollars within a few weeks.

I’ve got other ideas of how to increase turnover for little or no cost to the industry and I’m sure many of you have some too.  So let the GOAT and me know and we will discuss them tomorrow on Heads Up. If you are betting with an overseas agency, let us know exactly the one or two reasons why you are doing that. What would it take for you to start betting with the NZ TAB again? Email me at formpro@formpro.co.nz or text 027 352 6402 by 9.30 a.m. Friday morning and we will discuss them.

Selections for today will be posted by 2 p.m. Now posted here

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