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May 31 Cambridge Harness sectionals review

The full sectional breakdown of the Last 800 and Last 400m plus lead up times etc can be seen on the Cambridge Harness site here as we are now doing those sectionals for them.

The Sectionals off the front showing tempos etc can be seen here

The Last 400m of all horses  in order can be seen here

Cambridge review 31 May 2020

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Race 1

Very slow tempo  ( 65.3 first 1/2) favoured on pace runners. Vespa was too good and Mr Incredible ran the fastest L400 all day 27.90 from 3 bk inr, but it was just a sprint home. Lynton Creek  was a complete forgive as he got back from the draw, was, checked 700m out and ran home in 28.2.

Race 2

The Tempo favoured the first half of the field ( 3rd fastest L400 off front all day )

The Greenkeeper  ran the 5th fastest L400 all day 28.02 coming from last after tracking up 3w from the 400m- top run.

Race 3

Temp favoured runners in first half of the field.

Russley Rush worked early to get parked and after leading was run down late. Lagertha had all favours in the trail and had to win if any good.

Forgive Matai Minky and Fletch ( No room) ran on well from the back

Race 4

Tempo good early then slow 1600m to 800m suiting on pace runners.

Doc Holiday moved at the right time to lead 3w on the turn and his one paced stride just kept them out in slow time.

Cee Whatadelight hung wide on the first bend then recovered well to get into the 1×1. Fought on well as though 2700m would suit as a bit one paced.

Whisky Neat  got out late and ran home well for third.

Race 5

Moderate tempo resulted in the lead/trail horses fighting it out.

Jive got back off the moderate tempo and charged home for 4th in 27.94, the fastest last 400m ( 2nd all day)  and out wide too. Just needs to a better draw to be harder to beat.

Fleeting Grin also ran home well from the back 27.96

Jetson Hunter  looked a definite improver physically out of it.

Race 6

The Hulk  ran on strongly with the quickest L400m 30.53  of the race and was checked and broke for a few strides 300m out so did very well.

Bar Room Brawl  almost got up and is a nice trotter who is still learning.

Race 7

Temp favoured runners in first half of the field.

Callie’s Delight top drive with a midrace move on a slack tempo and won very well in the fastest 2200m race of the day. She will win more based on that.

Shillelagh  ran home late and wide in 27.96, 3rd fastest all day. Just needs a decent draw.

The Bandit Queen 28.15 ran on well from 2nd last. Just needs a decent draw and is fitter.

Race 8

Solid tempo suited off pace runners.

Franco Riot is best in the lead where he can set a decent tempo, and he did with the fastest tempo of 16.84/200m to the 400m mark. He is a bit one paced but just keeps going. 2700m should suit even better.

Brookies Jaffa  fought on well for second from the trail and looked a physical improver.

The rest had their chance if any good to win.

Race 9

Chinski did well against a weak field so pass on this race.






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