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August 15 Cambridge harness

Cambridge Saturday August 15 2020 review

Race 3

Peter Forsburg in a race that favoured on pace runners, did well running the fastest L800 56.63 of the race and had to do it 3 wide and wider from the 500m. Drew 8 so from a better draw next up will be worth a good look.

Race 4

New York Minute  ran home very strongly late after working clear after the winner had cut loose. His L800 58.63 and L400 28.77 were the fastest of the race. He was dictated to by his draw of 6 where he had to snag early because of the inside speed.

Race 5

This was run in very fast time 2.39.5. The lead time of 40.5 was easily the fastest of the day. So you can forgive the favourite Ferritts Sister as it was given no peace in front and was gone on the final turn. Red Reactor  did well as he worked 3 wide in the 3rd quarter and sat parked 800m out. About Turn  came from last to run third in the fastest L800  56.59 and L400 28.42.

Race 7

Monkey Selfie  clearly ran home in the second best closing sectionals from last.

Race 8

The Greenkeeper did very well coming from last and wide 400m out to run the fastest L800 56.39 and 400m 27.63 and ran fourth.

Race 9

The Last Gamble got back on the inner and didn’t get clear till late running the 2nd fastest L400 30.38 of the race.

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