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Hi Neil,
Just signed back up for 6 months and your selections has paid for the subscription 3 times over.Just 2 bets, Double Happy ($15 into $9) at Puke and Diaquin ( $3 ) at Bendigo.

Started with $100 outlay, so I have taken the subscription fee plus my original outlay out of the TAB acc leaving a tidy sum to play with next weekend.
The original idea was to start with a bet against  the Warriors as per your offsider’s ( The GOAT’s) suggestion and to include the crusaders game but as I missed placing my bet for the Friday Night game I just stuck with the 2 racing bets.
Thanks again Neil, it’s great when the right choices come off, long may it continue

Keep up the great analysis and information.

Hi Neil

Great picking today…I took all your recommendations so a $150 spend gave a $946

I have done the same on all your place bet all ups/multis too and they are a nice
return for it seems minimal risk given the prices/favouritism etc….the old story,
small fish are sweet if you get enough of them…

Thanks again.

Long time subscriber

From a very happy subscriber.

Hi Neil
Just got home from a Rotorua / Hamilton trip. I got into an internet café at Rotorua and had a
few bets on Saturday’s selections. I focused on Ellerslie as that is usually a happy hunting
round for you and invested on the quaddie in two ways – one wide and one narrow.
I had no access to any results for a few days, so imagine my surprise and delight to
come home and find a balance of more than $5,800 in my TAB account!
$5500 goes into the bank account this morning – I already have the TAB
cheque! I need some new camera gear and computer bits, but that will hardly dent it.
A trip to Adelaide, Perth, China is on the horizon for the next year or so and this will be a great
kicker for that.
Cheers and thanks again
Thank you!




Hi Neil,
I started today at Taupo with a $12.00, 5% quaddie and a $5.00, 6% treble and
collected $129. 50. I decided to reinvest $30.00 of that in your Canterbury quaddie,
$20.00, 5% and $10.00, 11% treble and collected a further $136.10. I have never had
a day like it. For a total outlay of $47.00 I got back $263.60 a profit of $216.60.
Just amazing.

So my original $150.00 draw out is now $350.00 which I have invested in Bonus Bonds
to resist the temptation of spending it. If I do my budget, then my top-up will come
from my pocket and not my travel fund which is now well under way.

I have also created a spreadsheet on my computer to keep track of all investments so
it is all recorded.

I also think your new website is awesome. Easy to use and everything is there easily

Many thanks,

Kind regards,


Hi Neil,
Thanks for the picks yesterday, nailed the Quaddie in Taupo and Sydney! Paid for my
subscription already, keep up the good work and good luck.

Happy new subscriber

Hi Neil,

Please dont change what you are doing with previews and reviews Nth IS. ONLY Since you started I have built up a valuable data base.
My week starts on Wednesday going over race meeting that day,looking for reviewed runners.
One’s to back and NOT to back.Good case yesterday A Keepa – main dangers on tote noted in reviews as just ok runs last time also our dream catcher noted by you as having had chances.
You were the only one from all the selections I saw that picked A Keepa TOPS MATE
Last week Smart Molly came out of reviews 15/1 lovely.
Thank you for helping me become a more responsible and informed punter.

Kind Regards
Happy Subscriber

Hi Neil

Just a quickie to give you an update of betting over the last couple of

Since Feb 1 I have accumulated over $8k in my normal betting account from which I’ll withdraw $7k to savings…these winnings mainly based around your selections along with a few of mine wrapped up in poker 4 5
or 6 bets.

I was away for two weeks and came back to work on Friday, didn’t have time for horse study so got the quaddie based on your picks plus combined your first picks in each quaddie leg into a poker 4 bet $5 units, outlay $55 for a collect of over $3400…a nice collect to come home too…many thanks!!

I am really liking your new quaddie format with the A B and C selections to help narrow things down.

Since Jan 1 I have kept a record of deposits and withdrawals through my normal account and premier bet account so will give you an update at years end on these movements.

With any transfers to my special horse savings account I also keep a record of what that money is spent on whether it be furniture for the house, gifts or trips etc….good for marital credits!!

The premier bet account ticks along so will take $1000 out tomorrow after Saturday’s two winners.

Nice picking Neil, really appreciate your expertise.

Happy Subscriber

I certainly appreciate all the work that you do to enable us to make money.
I started taking quaddies this weekend based on your previews and what a great way to start. I got the full amount from Matamata on Saturday & 40% of yesterday’s at Otaki.
The acoount for my trip to U K next year is building nicely.

Keep up the good work.

Happy re-subscriber



Hi Neil,
I am a recent member of formpro and have been having great success since joining. I to had great day at Oamaru getting $10.00 of the Quaddie straight ($879) and $10 of the treble straight ($535) . I thought Birchwood Run was always going to be too good….put in your selection of Slinkymalinky…have been following Fly Solo…and liked
Martina from the last time you picked her and also from your comments on friday how she was nearly a premier bet. $1414 for $20 bucks not bad aye!! Looking forward for you tips for Timaru as I will be heading oncourse today with my Formpro picks!!
Keep up the good work.

Happy Timaru Punter


Hi Neil

I had bugger all in ,my account this morning, in fact just enough to do a $5 win poker 3 bet, lovely jubbly nearly $500.00 the return!


Hi Neil

Congratulations on your selections and thanks for a great days punting today.
It would have to be one of the best days I have ever had.
Long may it continue.

Subscriber and self-confessed golfing nut)
I backed your three horses today as per your suggestions and with $200 in various combinations of bets, came out with a profit of $1675.00.

Cheers and thanks
Happy long time Subscriber)

Great picking Neil

Got my subscription covered twice over already,

Keep it up.

Happy Subscriber