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Thursday selections posted

Good morning, The preview of Pukekohe Park today is here. Subscribers can also enter the Terminating Pick 6 syndicate for the dogs next Monday here You can login with username Formpro and the current and the new password can be heard by calling 0900 36 76 7  ( 0900 FORMPRO )  for a cost of $10 which will last till ...

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Information for punters will be vital to our recovery

Good morning, Firstly, no selections for today. I will post an early preview for Saturday by 2 p.m. Friday. There are a lot of races to get through! Not a great day of punting yesterday. A couple of seconds were no help. It was up to Bold And Wild to get us out in the last after looking ready to ...

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Patience really does pay

Good morning, Firstly, I will post a preview of Australia by 2 p.m. ( Now posted here )  with an update on a suggested quaddie by 4.30 p.m. If you have read any articles about punting and how to succeed from it, it will nearly always mention patience as being an essential element. Yes, we need to wait until the ...

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Quaddies – how to attack them

Firstly, I’ll post any bets for Monday by 2 p.m. and quaddie bets by 4.30 p.m. today. Update now posted here Sometimes it can make you tear your hair out, and other times give you a spectacular payout – those elusive quaddies! How many times have you nailed three winners only to miss on one leg. We have all been ...

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The harder you work, the luckier you get

Update 4.32 p.m. The preview of the Geelong quaddie is here Update 1.55 p.m. Sunday Apologies, I’ll post the quaddie for Geelong about 4.30 after I have seen the first four races as it looks worth taking with a couple of beatable favourites, especially if there is any significant bias is evident. There is nothing I like any earlier. Good ...

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Is Form or the Market the best indicator of a winner?

Having been a part time form analyst for 20 years and full time for the past 14 years, I would say I took into account about 80% of my form analysis when working out which horses to back and 20% on market movements. But more recently that split is now 50/50 and at times up to 100% on market movement. ...

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