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Thursday preview posted and racing mystery

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The full preview of Woodville is here and there may be a quaddie bet for the syndicate today. Punters had a tough time yesterday in some races but would have avoided many bets and been on to a few winners if a proper description of the track was published before the first race, or even better, before 8 a.m. in the morning. The penetrometer readings would have very likely showed the inside three metres read better than further out and a simple walk of the track by an experienced track walker would have discovered that too. Punters who hammered Owen Patick and Boundtobehonoured with the bookies would not have backed them had they known the inside was an advantage and got into Island Bay in the last race who mapped to lead all the way and did. At Riccarton last Saturday, the track was described as a Slow 8 when they were running Dead 6 or slightly better times. The chute was slower than the course proper dragging the published average Rating down. So why not have two separate readings for the chute and the course proper? It is information that is not hard to gather and publish so why isn’t it done? That is one of the mysteries of New Zealand racing!

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