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Free Ratings Monday and Punters Challenge round up

Good morning,’

Update: early Tuesday preview here

You can login to the Ratings for free today. David will post his preview later this morning.

Thanks to all those who joined in on the Punters Challenge. We got off to a cold start but got back to around $3,000 a couple of races later. I decided to go all in on Mongolian Marshal then all onto Savvy Coup. Mongolian Marshal was a fighting second after the sectionals show they just went too hard up front which set it up for Dark Princess who did nothing back on the fence. If he had won, that would have given us around $11,000 after Savvy Coup smashed them and with the second highest total going into races 9 and 10 being $6k, I would have sat on the last two races and we would have been hot favourites to take out the main prize. But as we know, that’s racing, so thanks for joining in. We’ll have another go next year.

The chap who won got it, got up with $10 worth of the Trifecta in the last to with with just over $9k.

I’ll have a couple of selections for Riccarton posted by 6 pm tonight.

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