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Recent Sectional Winners below

Winners you could have backed off strong sectionals last start:

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Rising Renown $5 2nd fastest L200

Lavaglo  $3 fastest L800, 600 and 400

Obrigado $7  fastest L600

If You Dance $5 2nd best L400 and 200m

Bellisimo $6  fastest L800, 600 and 400

Super Strike $2.90 2nd fastest L600m

Make Time $8 3rd fastest L600m

Smarty Pants $3.80 Fastest L200m

Magdala $4.50 Fastest L200m

Meila Rei $9  Fastest L200m

Supreme Heights $9 2nd Fastest L400 and 200m

Our Boy Ritchie $8 Fastest L200m

Raise Your Sights  $7  2nd fastest L66, 400 and 200m

Flying Sardine $2.70 Best sectionals in all categories

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